• High School Diploma


    Complete the classes you need to receive your high school diploma through Acalanes Adult Education Secondary High School Diploma Program.  Online evening classes are available.


    How do I register for classes?


    Students must register during the regular enrollment period.  Upon enrollment, students will meet with office staff review transcripts for course requirements.  Once enrolled, students will be given a CASAS reading assessment to confirm reading level.  The Adult Education High School Diploma program is available for students the age of 18 and older (AUHSD AR 6200; Education Code sections 84900 - 84920). Courses run September through June. Call 925-280-2980 Ext 8001 an appointment.


    Program Requirements


    Students enrolled in our high school diploma program must meet with their teacher twice per week, in addition to completing work at home.  All tests and assessments are done at school under the direction of a teacher.


    High School Diploma Requirements


    Acalanes Adult Education awards an Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) Acalanes Adult Education diploma to students enrolled in the High School Diploma program, once graduation credit requirements have been met.  Prior credits earned, which meet the AUHSD standards, can be included in the completion of units.  Official transcripts from previous schools are required, as proof of previous credits.


    Credits required for earning adult education high school diploma:

    English - 40 credits

    Mathematics (including successful completion of two semesters of a course beyond Algebra 1) - 20 credits

    Life Science - 10 credits

    Physical Science - 10 credits

    World History - 10 credits

    US History - 10 credits

    Government - 5 credits

    Economics - 5 credits

    World Language, American Sign Language, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or Technology - 20 credits

    Electives - 75 credits

    Students are exempt from the Physical Education graduation requirement (Education Code section 51241 and 52146).