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    Spring 2024

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    Reel-to-Real Talk: Creative Film Forum - 9 classes           

    Spring 2024 Film Forum:

    Reel to Teal Talk: A Film Forum is an ongoing film course where students discuss the cinematic world of a film, engage in a lively post-viewing exchange of ideas and insights focused on the literary aspects and cinematic techniques of select films.

    During the 2024 Spring Term, students will view a wide-ranging variety of documentary films. Our focus will be to explore how literary elements and cinematic techniques function in documentary rather than narrative films.  Selections include: The Celluloid Closet, Brother Outsider, Mad Hot Ballroom, Eagle Huntress, Zulu Summer, and others. 

    231545  T 3/19-5/21 9:30-1pm  DV THEATER  Reg $170/Seniors $153 Thorner
    231547 TH 3/21-5/23 9:30-1pm DV THEATER  Reg $170/Seniors $153 Thorner
    Spring Holidays:   4/1-4/5, 5/27 7/4, 7/5   
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek