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    SPRING & SUMMER 2019
    Registration for Spring classes starts March 13 @  8 am
    Registration for Summer classes starts May 9 @ 8 am
    Register early for all classes. 
     (Then you won't be disappointed if your class is full or canceled.)
    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, unless otherwise noted.

    French: First Year through Advanced classes emphasize communication by laying a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary. Classes also include conversation and culture.  Textbooks may be required.

    Language classes start in Fall and continue through Spring.  

    A complete year of Language is a, b & c.

    "a" is offered in Fall
    "b" is offered in Winter
    "c" is offered in Spring
    French For Travelers- 6 classes, No Prerequisite
    Provides vocabulary and conversations on topics essential to travel and personal needs.
    254340 M 4/15-5/20 12:30-2pm   Rm 106  Reg $60/Seniors $54  Waeny
    French 1c -     Prerequisite French 1b or equivalent
    A beginning French course focusing on pronunciation, basic grammar, and short dialogues. 
    060340  W 4/10-6/5 9 classes


    Rm 106  Reg $120/Seniors $108
    254441 Th 4/11-6/13            10 classes
    6:30-8:30pm   Rm 106 Reg $130/Seniors $117  Baudouin-Quam
    French 2c -  Prerequisite French 2b or equivalent  
    A continuation of French 1 for Intermediate students. The focus is on French language and culture by speaking and reading stories and using Intermediate grammar. 
    060441  F 4/12-6/7 9 classes
    9:30-11:30am   Rm 106  Reg $120/Seniors $108 Waeny 
     254543  W  4/10-6/12           10 classes  6:30-8:30pm  Rm 106   Reg $130/Seniors $117  Baudouin-Quam
    French 3c - 9 classes,  Prerequisite French 3b or equivalent  
     A continuation of French for Advanced Intermediate students. Focus is on more advanced grammar, reading stories,  speaking and writing in French.
    060541  Th  4/11-6/6  9:30-11:30am  Rm 106  Reg $120/Seniors $108 Waeny 
    Conversations in French - 8 classes, Prerequisite 3 years of French or equivalent.  
     This course provides participants the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills in French. Course content includes online, authentic video and audio sources, such as TV5 Monde, RFI, France-Amérique. Participants will be able to explore cross-cultural  themes and current events.
     060943 T 4/16-6/4   12:30-2:30pm Rm 106  Reg $110/Seniors $99 Rasmussen 
    French 4c -  8 classes,  Prerequisite French 4b or equivalent  
    This course is a continuation of an entire year of French 3, emphasizing advanced grammar, speaking and reading.  Focus will be on reading and discussing books appropriate to this level.
    060547 M 4/8-6/3 9:30-11:30am Rm 106  Reg $110/Seniors $99 Waeny 
    French 5c9 classes,  Prerequisite French 5b or equivalent
    This class is designed for students who have completed at least 4 years of French.  Topics will include more advanced grammar, speaking and reading.
    060840 T 4/9-6/4 9:30-11:30am Rm 106  Reg $120/Seniors $108 Waeny 
    French Advanced -  10 classes,  Prerequisite 4+ years of French or equivalent
    Advanced French is conducted in French and includes grammar review, writing and reading a collection of contemporary French short stories, with discussions related to the stories.
    060940  W 4/10-6/12 9:30-11:30am   Rm 113  Reg $130/Seniors $117 Maiden
     French 1 Review & Conversation 6 classes,  Prerequisite French 1 
    060380  W 6/19-7/24 10-Noon
    Rm 113 

    Reg $80/Seniors $72

    French 2 Review & Conversation6 classes,  Prerequisite French 2
    060581  F 6/21-8/2 10-Noon Rm 113  Reg $80/Seniors $72 Waeny 
     French 3 Review & Conversation6 classes,  Prerequisite French 3
    060582  Th 6/20-8/1 10-Noon
    Rm 106 Reg $80/Seniors $63 Waeny 
    French Cinema & Discussion6 classes,  Prerequisite French 2
    060587  T 6/18-7/23 10-Noon
    Rm 106 Reg $80/Seniors $72 Waeny 












    Spring Holidays: 5/28, No classes

    Summer Holidays: 7/4 No classes

    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek