•  Spring & Summer 2019

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    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building unless otherwise noted.

    Course #

    Day Dates Time Room Fees Instructor

    This class offers low impact aerobics, stretching, balance and much more. We will get our heart rates up and have some fun in the process. We will also focus on improving strength and balance. Over time, expect to see and feel results, including a renewed level of fitness, increased stamina, and flexibility. Bring a mat, towel, and two weights (10 lbs or less). 



    4/8-6/12 (19 classes) 8:30-9:30am Rm 304 Reg $80/Senior $72 McGranaham


    6/17-7/24 (12 classes) 8:30-9:30am Rm 304 Reg $50/Seniors $45 McGranaham
    Stretch, Strength, Balance  
    Join this twice-a-week session of strength, stretching and balance-training to maintain and improve your quality of life by building muscle mass and bone density. Lessen arthritis pain, restore balance, and help control your weight, and improve your heart health. Bring a mat, towel, two weights (3 lbs or less), and one medium strength tension band.
    291140  M,W   4/8-6/12 (19 classes)  10-11:15am Rm 304  Reg $110 /Senior $99 
    291180 M,W 6/26-7/24 (8 classes) 10-11:15am Rm 304 Reg $50/Seniors $45 Piaggio-Weiss
    Tiger’s Breath Qigong – 10 classes  

    Qigong means the cultivation of your vital energy. Learn acupressure points to balance energy and boost your immune system; Qigong principles, such as posture and breathing techniques to apply in everyday life; and the Tiger’s Breath Qigong form for balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

    292343  4/9-6/11  9:45-10:45am Rm 304   Reg $50/Seniors $45  Dirlam-Ching
    Buddha Palms Qigong – 6 classes
    Buddha Palms Qigong, an ancient Daoist practice, is a powerful meditative movement form for releasing stress and boosting and channeling energy. The class also includes Qigong foundations, acupressure points for self-care, and Qigong warm-up exercises for balance, strength, and flexibility. 
    6/18-7/23  9:45-10:45am Rm 304   Reg $30/Seniors $27  Dirlam-Ching
    Walks in the Great Outdoors - 10 classes
    First class meets at Lafayette/Moraga Trail. Take 24 to Pleasant Hill Rd., Go south, turn right on Olympic Blvd. and then right into parking lot.  With a repertoire of over 60 three-mile routes, this class experiences many of the open spaces that intersect & border the beautiful Bay Area parks and canals of several local counties.  Walkers are encouraged to carry plant and/or wildlife field guides, binoculars, and umbrellas. The first class will start at 9 am, future classes may start after 9 am depending on the starting location.
    Th  4/11-6/13  9-11am Rm 304   Reg $90/Seniors $81 Gordon
    Hatha Yoga for Strength and Balance - 6 classes
    Come join in this new yoga class that will focus on yoga postures to increase strength and balance with a strong focus on stretching and strengthening muscles. The class will focus on keeping the shoulders, elbows and wrists injury free. The class is open to all levels. Students should bring their own mat.
    292240  T  4/9-6/11(10 classes)  8:30-9:30am  Rm 304  Reg $50/Seniors $45  McGranahan
    292245 Th 4/11-6/13(10 classes) 8:30-9:30am  Rm 304 Reg $50/Seniors $45 McGranahan
    292280 T 6/18-7/23 (11 classes) 8:30-9:30am  Rm 304 Reg $30/Seniors $27 McGranahan
    292285 Th 6/20-7/25 (11 classes) 8:30-9:30am  Rm 304 Reg $30/Seniors $27 McGranahan
    These Yoga classes seek to provide relief from pain, support a more balanced and optimal level of functioning, increase in joint R.O.M., lengthen and strengthen muscles and lastly, an overall wonderful mood booster. Classes may include both gentle and therapeutic as well as Hatha yoga postures. BE PREPARED to BREATHE :) Students supply their own mat for these classes. 
    292243 W 4/10-6/12(10 classes) 11:30-12:30pm Rm 304 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Laws
    292244 W 4/10-6/12(10 classes) 5-6pm Rm 304 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Laws
    292248 F 4/12-6/14(10 classes) 9-10:30am Rm 304 Reg $90/Seniors $81 Laws
    292283 W 6/19-7/24 (5 classes)  11:30-12:30pm Rm 304  Reg $30/Seniors $27 Lewis
    292288 F 6/21-7/26 (5classes) 9-10:30am Rm 304 Reg $40/Seniors $36 Lewis
    Intermediate Hatha Yoga   
    Students will be expected to have some level of yoga experience, at the very least the basic foundational elements. Prepare to explore your connection to movement and the breath. Incorporating more heat through physical activity and linking posture-to-posture will build stamina and strength. Like a rung on a ladder, this is just a first step among many; what is left after you have learned the form? Come join us and find out more about the relationship between the body, breath and some of the more subtle aspects of the Yoga practice.
    292246 Th 4/11-6/13 10 classes 11:15 -12:30pm Rm 304 Reg $80/Seniors $72 Piaggio-Weiss
    292249 F 4/12-6/14 10 classes 10:45 -Noon Rm 304  Reg $80/Seniors $72   Laws
    292286  Th  6/27-7/25(4 classes) 11:15 -12:30pm Rm 304 Reg $30/Seniors $27 Piaggio-Weiss
    292289 F 6/21-7/26 (5 classes)  10:45 -Noon  Rm 304  Reg $40/Seniors $36 Lewis 
    Yoga, therapeutic Inspired  - Open to all levels
    The ancient art of yoga is applied to relieve some of the most common aches and pains through long holds of yoga poses. Students will be required to fill out an intake form to allow the instructor to lead a safe and effective class that brings benefit to all participants. 
    292242  M 4/8-6/10 9 classes  11:30-12:45pm Rm 304 Reg $70/Seniors $63



    292282  M 7/1-7/22 4 classes 11:30-12:45pm Rm 304 Reg $30/Seniors $27 Piaggo-Weiss
    Restorative Yin Yoga 
    This class combines the benefits of two yoga styles: Yin and Restorative. In nature, Yin and Yang are complementary forces: Yang is described as dynamic and Yin as passive. Yin Yoga can be thought of as a means to balance the more dynamic aspects of our lives. Restorative poses are subtle and aimed to encourage: the release of tension, deeper breathing and a sense of "letting go". 
    222340  T 4/9, 1 class            2-3:15pm Rm 304 Free Introductory Class Lewis
    292342   T 4/16-6/11 9 classes 2-3:15pm Rm 304 Reg $70/Seniors $63 Lewis
    Yoga for Caregivers
    Are you a caregiver for a family member, or is it your profession?  Then this yoga class is for you!  More and more individuals have taken on the role of caregivers, and are dealing with the unique physical and mental stresses that oftentimes accompany this role.  Come and surround yourself with others who are facing similar situations and at the same time, practice some self-care in the form of yoga.  Yoga For Caregivers will focus on yogic breathing techniques to calm the body, mind and uplift the spirit.  There will also be a strong focus on increasing the range of motion in the joints, tailored specifically to those individuals in the caregiver role.  The word for a group that practices yoga together is “sangha”.  Come and join our sangha and find increased emotional and physical health.  No yoga experience is necessary.  Please bring your own mat.  Taught by Jean McGranahan and Karen Lewis.
    292349  Th 4/11-6/13 10 classes  10-11am Rm 304 Reg $50/Seniors $45 McGranahan
    Spring Holiday: 5/27
    Summer Holidays:7/3 - 7/5 No School
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek