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    FALL 2019
    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center
    U.S. History, An Overview -   12 classes           
    What is President Donald Trump’s fascination with Andrew Jackson?  Why has Lin-Manuel Miranda become so inspired by the life and time of Alexander Hamilton?  What does Jon Meacham see as the foundation of our republic in The Soul of America?  What did David McCullough find so significant about President John Adams, or Doris Kearns Goodwin see in Lincoln in her book, A Team of Rivals?  Is it time for you to take another look at American History?
    222021 T 9/10-12/3  1pm-2:30pm  Rm  114
    Reg $120/Seniors $108  Hughell 
    The Right and the Left in American Politics - 6 classes                        
    The division between the Right and the Left is growing as we approach the 2020 presidential election.  What key issues will define the election?  Where do you stand on these issues?  What about the new Populism?  What have you read that you would like to share with the class?  Students will be expected to do some research each week and to share their findings with the class..
    222023 Th 9/26-10/31 1pm-2:30pm  Rm 114 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Hughell 
    War of the Roses -  5 classes                          

    To secure the Plantagenet claim to the English crown King Edward III had many children. But when the oldest son died first it instead led to a family fight over the crown which in turn led to 80 years of civil war.  In this class we will discuss the impact this family fight/civil war had on England as well as the men and women caught up in the grab for power. We will see that neither house had the monopoly on talent or ruthlessness. Some are admirable while others seem to be insane. Yet despite this family feud England continued its war with France and had the French crown in its grasp. 

    222022 W 9/11-10/9 10-Noon Rm 107 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Majerus
    Henry VIII  - 5 classes                          
    We all know Henry VIII had six wives, but what else do we know about him? Who really was the man behind the iconic Holbein paintings? Who was the King who changed England so dramatically? In this course we will discuss how Henry ruled, beginning as the ideal Renaissance King and ending as a tyrant. How he dazzled the world with his elegant court and destroyed all of England’s monasteries. How he relied on men who could carry out his demanding reforms and then beheaded them when they made a mistake. How he was proclaimed Defender of the Faith and then disavowed the pope himself.  And finally was it his desire for an heir or the charms of young women that caused him to marry so often? Come find out about this most famous King and why he still fascinates us today.
    222024 W
    10-Noon   Rm 107 Reg $60/Seniors $54 Majerus
    "NEW" History of Turkish Jewry - 6 classes    

    Among the topics covered: Anatolia before the Ottoman invasions; Sephardic exiles in the Ottoman Empire; the Jew as dhimmi in Hanafi Islam; the false messiah Shabbatai Zevi and the Donmeh cult; the decline of the Ottoman Empire and its impact on the Jewish community; the Armenian genocide: Jewish and Israeli perspectives; Turkish P.M. Recep Erdogan and the “Jews of Silence”.

    223021 F 9/13-10/18 10-Noon  Rm 103  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady
    "NEW" Haredim: Historical and Contemporary Themes in Ultra-Orthodox Judaism - 6 classes    

    Among the topics covered: White socks and black socks, shtreimels, kolpaks and spudiks-- which cat in which hat?; only 60 miles from Times Square but it might as well be Planet Yehupetz: inside the Chassidic Peoples Republics of New Skvir and Kiryat Yoel;; a hole in the sheets and other myths of hareidi sex life; Bobov 45 and Bobov 48: the death of a rebbe and the struggle for succession; musical traditions of various haredi sects.

    223023 F 9/13-10/18  1-3 pm  Rm 103  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady
    "NEW" Richard Wagner and the Jews - 3 classes

    The composer’s early life: family, friends, enemies, debts, politics; his controversial essay, Das Judentum in der Musik; Wagner’s Jewish friends, proteges and significant others; Wagner’s racial antisemitism; Nietzsche on Wagner’s Jew hatred; ”He was a Prophet of Nazism”: Gottfreid Wagner’s “demonumentalizing” of his great-grandfather; the controversy of banning Wagner in Israel.

    223025 F 10/25-11/8 10-Noon  Rm 103  Reg $40/Seniors $36  Blady
    "NEW" From Bible to Belter: The Jewish Boxers' Hall of Fame - 3 classes

    The Jewish American experience is not just about Nobel Prizes, scientists, doctors, lawyers, Hollywood types and philanthropists. It’s about "doin’ what it takes," beating the odds...surviving...prospering. Boxing was a ticket out of the ghetto, an immigrant's "fighting chance," an unfortunate necessity. Between 1900 and 1940 alone there were some 27 Jewish world champions and title claimants, some still considered among the greatest of their class.

    223027 F 10/25-11/8 1-3 pm  Rm 103  Reg $40/Seniors $36  Blady
    "NEW" Romaniots: History of Greek Jewry - 4 classes

    Breakdown of four major ethno-geographic Jewish groupings; Alexander the Great and the Jews; the impact of Hellenism; early Greek anti-Judaism; history of the Jews of Byzantium; the Orthodox Christian Church and the Jews; the Sephardim of Salonika; mores and folkways of the Jews of the Island of Rhodes; Greek Jewry and the Holocaust; Greek Jewry today.  

    223028 F 11/15-12/13 10-Noon  Rm 103  Reg $50/Seniors $45  Blady
    "New" King David: Levantine Despot/Ancestor of the Messiah - 4 class

    Rabbinic lore on the David vs. Goliath story; development of the Davidic tradition: biography or hagiography? the census, corvee labor and the beginnings of the schism between Israel and Judah; Talmudic apologetics justifying the adultery of David and Bathsheba; a dysfunctional royal family: ”O Absalom, My son, My son”;

    223029 F 11/15-12/13 1-3 pm  Rm 103  Reg $50/Seniors $45  Blady
    Native Americans of the United States - 7 classes
    Learn about our Native American culture. This class will cover the regions of the: North East, South East, Plains, South West, California, West Coast, and Alaska.  Discussions will include family groups, art/culture, ceremonies/religion, food, land use, environment, homes, and the six language groups.
     222025  M 9/23-11/4   1-3pm  Rm 114  Reg $90/Seniors $81  Phelps 
    Fall Holidays:  11/11, 11/25-11/29    
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek