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    Page updated 7/16/2020
     Fall 2020
    All History classes will be online.
    Registration starts August 12 @ 8am 


    "New" 20th & 21st Century World History- 6 Classes
    Join me for a look at the major themes of the 20th and 21st Centuries. In my last course I used a model developed by Peter Stearns that divided world history into different periods and ended with the First World War. It is time to dive deeper into the 20th Century and beyond. Included in this course will be: the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism, the rise of Fascism and the Second World War, the Cold War, and the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Vladimir Putin.
    222026  T  10/6-11/10  1-2:30pm  Online  Reg $60/Seniors $54  Hughell

    Stormin Normans - 5 classes - Online Course

    History is the discovery of how an action taken 2000 years ago still impacts our lives today. This class we will focus on England’s transition from a country led by Anglo-Saxons and Danes to one dominated by Normans. We will discuss what kind of rulers the early kings and queens of England were, how they ruled their dispersed lands, and what life was like if you were not a king, as well as the role of the church. 

    222022 W 9/16-10/14  10-Noon Online  Reg $ 70/Seniors $63  Majerus

    Women in the Middle Ages - 5 classes - Online Course

    When medieval images are conjured up it is usually of knights on horseback, violence and a more primitive society. What is not often discussed is what were the women doing during this time period. Everyone knows about Eleanor of Aquitaine, but is that because she the exception?  What was life like for every other woman? Were the highborn just marriage pawns for their fathers? Could merchant class women run their own business, could women own property or dispense justice? The answers may not be as straight forward as you think. In this seminar class we will examine and students discuss the roles and rights of European women from the Early Middle Ages to the High Middle Ages. Discussions will focus on if women’s rights increase or decrease over time and how different, or not, medieval women’s role and rights were compared to women’s roles and rights today. 

     222024  W 10/21-12/02  10-Noon Online  Reg $70/Seniors $63  Majerus

    Native Americans of the United States - 7 classes -Will return in January 2021

    Learn about our Native American culture. This class will cover the regions of the: North East, South East, Plains, South West, California, West Coast, and Alaska. Discussion will include family groups, art/culture, ceremonies/religion, food, land use, environment, homes, and the six language groups.


    " New"  Blacks and Jews: Allies and Antagonists - 6 classes

    The Jewish and Black experience in American history; when Harlem was Jewish; prominent Jews in the early Civil Rights Movement; James Baldwin and Richard Wright on Black-Jewish Relations; Marcus Garvey, UNIA and the Jews; a grand alliance: Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement; the rise of Black militancy and the deterioration of the Black-Jewish coalition; from anti-Semitic rabble-rouser to devout Jew: profile of Prof. Julius Lester; Black "spokesmen" and the Jews: Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; Jewish racism and Black anti-Semitism.


     223021  T  9/15-10/20  1-3pm  Online  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady

    First A Trickle: Jewish Life in Colonial America 

    - 6 classes
    Antecedents: Sephardim in the Old Country, in Brazil and in the West Indies; inauspicious beginnings: Jews in New Amsterdam under Governor Peter Stuyvesant; Sephardi merchant prince: Aaron Lopez and the eastern seaboard whaling industry; profiles of Jewish patriots in the American Revolutionary War; Haym Salomon and his contribution to the American Revolutionary War effort: myths and realities; the founding fathers and mothers—what were their attitudes towards Jews?; ”To Bigotry No Sanction”: George Washington’s correspondence with the Jews of Newport; impact of the American Revolution on the Jews.
     223023  F  9/18-10/23  1-3pm Online  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady
    "NEW" Bubbeh Myses: A History of the Yiddish Language - 6 classes 

    Among topics covered: Antecedents of the mameh lushn: From Hebrew to Aramaic to La’az; Yiddish’s contribution to Jewish life and culture; evolution of the Yiddish language: four phases; varieties of Yiddish accents; ideological battles between Yiddishists vs. Hebraists; Yiddish and the labor movement; the transmogrification of Yiddish into Yenglish; Yeshivish: ivory tower Yiddish; Birobidzhan: Yiddish in Stalin’s paradise for Jews in Siberia; reasons for the decline of Yiddish; how academics assassinate Yiddish; 101 Yiddish witticisms, some rated GP.

    223027  T  10/27-12/8  1-3pm Online  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady

     The Longest Hatred: Varieties of antisemitism - 6 classes

    Definitions and categories of antisemitism and Judeo-phobia; pagan roots of Judeo-phobia; Jew hatred in Christianity and Islam; antisemitism and the “Socialism of Fools” tradition: The Protocols forgery and its resurrection; the Christian Identity Movement; Radio Priest: Father Charles Coughlin and the Depression-era “Jew Deal” Conspiracy; Jewish self-contempt and its reverberations; Nation of Islam and the Jews; is anti-Zionism the new antisemitism?
    223025  F  10/30-12/11  1-3pm Online  Reg $80/Seniors $72  Blady
    No School/Fall Holidays: 10/12, 11/11 & 11/23-11/27

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