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    Spring 2019
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    "NEW" Jewish Communities of Central Europe: Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic  - 8 Classes

    Some themes covered in these PowerPoint presentations: Early Jewish migrations into Central Europe; the Black Plague and its impact on Jewish communities; the Golem myth and the Maharal of Prague ; Various Chassidic sects and their impact on Hungarian Jewry: Satmar-Sighet, Munkacs and Belz; latter-day “marranos”: chafing under Communism; cultural and linguistic traditions of the Jewish communities of Hungary; the Romanian Organic Law and the beginnings of legal anti-Semitism; philo-semitic traditions among Czech politicians: Thomas Masaryr, Edvard Benes and Alexander Dubcek; Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the “Red Rabbi,” Moshe Rosen *No classes Passover Holiday, April 19 and 26

     223041  F 4/12-6/14*  10-Noon  Rm 103  Reg $110/Seniors $99  Blady
    "NEW" Jews Communities of Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico - 5 classes

    In these PowerPoint presentations, we cover the following themes: The Inquisition in Mexico City;  plantations, sugar mills and slaves: Jewish economic life of the Jews of Recife, Brazil during the Dutch occupation in the 17th century; Isaac Aboab da Fonseca, biographical sketch of the first chief rabbi in the New World; Moroccan Jewish rubber tree growers along the Amazon; Baron de Hirsch and the colonization program of Eastern European Jews in Latin America; Jewish Gauchos of Moisesville, Argentina; Buenos Aires: the “Jerusalem of Jewish pimpdom”; hunting for Eichmann and Mengele in Argentina and Brazil; “Mestizo Jews” of Venta Prieto, Mexico. *No classes Passover Holiday, April 19 and 26

     223043  F  4/12-6/14*  1-3pm  Rm 103  Reg $110/Seniors $99  Blady

     "NEW" Sikhism and Judaism: Separated at Birth? A PowerPoint Presentation by Ken Blady, M.A., and Amrik Singh Pannu, M.A. - 1 classes

    The Sikh faith was founded in the late fifteenth century in the Punjab, NW India, by Guru Nanak, who preached tolerance and equality for every person, regardless of caste, religion, or gender. Sikh strict monotheism originated as a reaction to Hindu idol worship and the caste system; the martial traditions and cult of martyrdom are a consequence of Islamic Mughal fanaticism and cruelty. Like the Jews the Sikhs lost their kingdom, and have long struggled to re-establish an independent homeland, for which their people have been massacred in the hundreds of thousands. The Sikhs have much in common with ultra-Orthodox Jews. Nonetheless, there are marked differences between Sikhs and Jews. Sikhs practice cremation, are strict vegetarians, and the men are not circumcised.

    223047 F 5/23  1-3pm Rm 103  Reg $ 10/Seniors $8  Blady

     Native Americans of the United States - 6 classes

     Learn about our Native American culture. This class will cover the regions of the: North East, South East, Plains, South West, California, West Coast, and Alaska.  Discussions will include family groups, art/culture, ceremonies/religion, food, land use, environment, homes, and the six language groups

    222035  W  6/19-7/31  1-3pm Rm 114  Reg $110/Seniors $99  Phelps

    Spring Break: 4/1-4/5, no school

    Holiday: 5/27, no school

    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek