• Physical activity can boost your endurance and improve your muscle strength.  Remaining active throughout the day can assist with controlling weight, combat health conditions, improve your mood, boost your energy, and even promote better sleep.  Furthermore, exercise can be an enjoyable way to connect with your family and friends.  Acalanes Adult Education offers a variety of fitness classes to meet your needs and here are a sampling of such courses.



    Learn Qigong practices for enhanced well-being during the work and play of life.  Qigong movement opens and lubricates joints, prevents repetitive stress injuries, and brings enhanced comfort to your body.  Breathing techniques help you breathe more effectively, benefit all the organs in your body, and enhance mental performance.  Postural awareness helps to prevent back and knee problems and to bring more balance and ease in your body.


    Stretch, Strength, and Balance

    Maintain and improve your quality of life by building muscle mass and bone density.  Lessen arthritis pain, restore balance, and help control your weight and improve your heart health.



    The ancient art of yoga is applied to relieve some of the most common aches and pains through long holds of yoga poses.  Acalanes Adult Education offers a wide variety of Yoga courses where students will prepare to explore their connection to movement and the breath.