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    Spring & Summer 2020

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    Creative Writing   

    What is your muse calling to you? Discover and explore your creative forces through writing. Develop ideas based on life experiences, imagination, research, or a combination. Use writing exercises and readings to add inspiration, develop skills, and open creativity valves. Learn and use a safe critique process in order to freely read your work and receive supportive feedback. Have fun WRITING! 

    Due to the COVID-19 event, this class is now being offered as an online course. 

    065340 W 3/18-5/27 4/8-5/27     6:30-8:30pm Online Reg $130/Seniors $117  Henderson
    065347 Th 3/19-5/28    4/9-5/28 12:30-3pm Online Reg $160/Seniors $144  Henderson
    065380 W 6/10-7/22, 7 classes 6:30-8:30pm Online Reg $90/Seniors $81  Henderson
    065387 Th 6/11-7/23,7 classes  12:30-3pm Online Reg $110/Seniors $99  Henderson
    The Flowering of English Poetry and Your Place In It - 8 Classes

    In this writing class, encounter the flowering of English poetry, beginning with Shakespeare's sonnets and journeying into the 20th century with the great innovators of Modernism. You will be given a poet's toolbox of tips and tricks from master poets in order to inspire your own new verses. No literary background necessary. Each class is self-contained and built around instruction, writing prompts, and time to write and share your work.

     065384  T 6/9- 7/28  1:30-3:30pm Online Reg $80/Seniors $73  Dresser