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    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building unless otherwise noted.
    Apple classes- SPRING 2019                                     


    ***Registration for Summer classes starts May 9 @ 8 am ***

    All About iCloud - 1 class                           

    iCloud securely stores your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more — and keeps them updated across all your devices so you always have access to what you want, wherever you want it. iCloud also includes services such as backup, Find my iPhone, and secure password syncing. Even if you have only one Apple device, iCloud can be a vital service for you. Bring your Macs, iPads, and iPhones and we’ll make sure they’re set up properly and ready to go. Note: Students should update their devices to the most recent macOS and iOS versions before class. 

    246340 M 4/8 9:30-11:30am Rm 110 Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    246343 6/3 9:30-11:30am  Rm 110 Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    iPad 101 - 8 classes                          
    For many people, the iPad can be the perfect computer. And it has taken on new life with the release of iOS 11, the latest version of the operating system software for the iPad. Included in the usual bundle of new features and improvements are an enhanced Dock, a better Siri, multi-tasking with two or three applications at once, and the ability to drag and drop information from one app to another with ease. Bring your own iPad and make sure it has been updated to the latest version of iOS.
    0246241 Th, F May 2, 3, 9, 10, 16,17, 23, 24 9:30-11:30am  Rm 110  Reg $120/Seniors $108  Matthews
    Staying Safe with Apple Products - 1 class

    Passwords, encryption, fingerprint sensors, VPN.... So many technologies, yet it seems the cat and mouse game involving security breaches and privacy never ends. We’ll discuss how to use Apple’s products and services to keep you safe as well as a few third-party options. If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, feel free to bring it along.

    246342 M 4/15 9:30-11:30am Rm 110 Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    246384 F 6/28 Noon -2pm Rm 110 Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    Photos: Take, Organize, and Share - 2 classes
    The best camera is the one you have with you, and for many of us, that camera is your iPhone. We’ll run through all the features of the iPhone’s built-in Camera app. We’ll also go over how Apple’s Photos app makes organizing your photos and sharing them a breeze, whether you’re using a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad…or even an iPod Touch or Apple TV. Bring your devices to class, and make sure they’ve been updated to the latest version of macOS or iOS.
    246345 Th, F 4/11, 4/12 9:30-11:30am Rm 110 Reg $30/Seniors $27 Matthews
    243646 Th, F 5/9, 5/10 Noon -2pm Rm 110 Reg $30/Seniors $27 Matthews
    246386  W, F 6/26, 6/28 9:30-11:30am  Rm 110 Reg $30/Seniors $27 Matthews
    Messages...and More - 1 class   
    Text messages used to be pretty bland, expensive, and hard to type. But the world of messaging has changed. Messages can include emoji, pictures, video, sound, handwriting…and even fireworks. We’ll run through all the capabilities of Apple’s Messages app. Bring your Apple devices and make sure they’re all running the latest version of macOS or iOS.  
    246344  T 4/16 9 - 11:30am Rm 110 Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews
    Maps: An Atlas in your Pocket  - 1 class 
    You're always on the move, and if you have an iPhone in your pocket you’ll always know where you're going. Apple’s Maps app is much better than a paper map, if for no other reason than you can ask it for directions. We’ll take a look at all the features of Maps, and how it can help you get you where you need to go. Bring your Apple devices and make sure they’re all running the latest version of macOS or iOS  
    246349 5/24 Noon - 2pm Rm 110  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews

    Spring Holiday: 5/27 no school. Summer Holiday: 7/3 - 7/5 no school.

    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek