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     UPDATED 11/10/2020
    Winter 2021
    Apple Classes
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    Apple Watch  1:01 - 4 class         
    Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal device. Besides telling you exactly what time it is, you can also use Apple Watch to make phone calls, measure your heart rate, track a workout, find your way home, remind you to stand up, set a timer, pay for your groceries, and much more. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch updated to iOS 14 and watchOS 7, respectively.
    246333 W, F  1/6-1/15  9:30-11:30am  ONLINE Reg $60/Seniors $54  Matthews 
    Learn Numbers on the Mac -  3 classes           
    Numbers is Apple’s free spreadsheet application and it runs on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in a web browser. You start in Numbers from either a template or with a blank canvas within which you place tables wherever you like. Numbers allows you to be creative with stylized text and graphics and it will open Excel files and save its own spreadsheets in Excel format. If you need a spreadsheet on the Mac, come see why Numbers fits the bill. Bring your own Mac updated to the latest version of macOS Big Sur.
    246335 W, Th, F  2/3-2/5  Noon - 2pm ONLINE Reg $40/Seniors $36  Matthews 
    iPad 101 - 8 Classes                        
    In this eight-session class, we’ll cover the basics of using your iPad. The beauty of the iPad is that it can become whatever you need it to be. It can be a book reader, music player, word processor, atlas, television, video camera, and more. It works with touch, but with many models of iPad you can add a pencil for drawing, a keyboard for extended typing, even a trackpad for cursor control. Bring your iPad (updated to the latest version of iPadOS 14) and learn how to get more out of this magical device. *No class 2/12
    246331 W,Th,F 2/10-2/26* Noon - 2pm ONLINE Reg $120/Seniors $108 Matthews
    Learn Pages on the Mac - 3 class
    Pages is Apple’s word processor and it runs on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in a web browser. You can create beautiful documents, including newsletters, flyers, certificates, basic letters, and books. It can even open Word documents and save its own files as Word documents. And did we mention that it’s free? Bring your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS and find out why Pages might be all the word processor you’ll ever need.
    246334 W,Th,F 3/3-3/5 10am-noon ONLINE Reg $40/Seniors $36  Matthews 
    Photos: Take, Organize, Edit and Share - 3 classes     
    Photos and videos contain some of our most precious memories, and you can use your iPhone and Apple's Photos app to organize them, edit them just the way you want, and easily share them with others. We’ll run through all the features of Apple’s Camera app on the iPhone or iPad, then we’ll focus on the Photos app. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system. 
    246332 M,T,W 3/15-3/17  10am-Noon  ONLINE Reg $40/Seniors $36 Matthews 
    An Apple a Day!
    Problem? Solved - 1 class
    Have you hit a roadblock while using your Apple device? Ever wondered how somebody sent you a talking T-Rex via the Messages app? Need a refresher on customizing the appearance of your iPhone screen? And why won’t your email sync properly? Bring your questions, we’ll try to figure out the answers.
    246430 M 1/11 1:30-3:30pm ONLINE  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    All about Subscriptions - 1 class
    Subscriptions are everywhere. Software companies are using them in lieu of one-time sales and upgrades. Purchasing albums and individual tracks is rapidly giving way to music subscriptions. Non-traditional media outlets such as Netflix and traditional channels such as CBS are offering programming via subscription. Even Apple, Disney, and others have created standalone streaming channels. Come find out how to make sense of it all.
    246431 F 1/22 9:30-11:30am ONLINE  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    Wallet And Apple Pay - 1 Class
    Think about all the things you carry in your wallet. Apple has a goal: replace it all with the Wallet app on your iPhone. Whether it’s digging up your AAA card, buying movie tickets, or paying for your groceries, you can do it with the Wallet app and Apple Pay. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch and we’ll help you get set up and ready to go.
    246434 F 1/22 Noon-2pm ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews  
    All About iCloud - 1 class  
    Think of iCloud as the glue that holds all your Apple devices together, syncing information like contacts between all your devices. iCloud also lets you share photos, documents, and calendars with other iCloud users. You can use iCloud to store documents as well as all your photos and videos. And iCloud also includes vital services like Backup and Find My. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, to find out what iCloud can do for you.
    246330 M 2/22  1-3pm ONLINE  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - 1 class
    At one time or another, music has been a part of every human being’s life. You’ve probably grown up with radio, vinyl 45s, albums, CDs, an iPod, online purchases, and now streaming and subscriptions. It all still boils down to this: What’s the best way to listen to the music we love? Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, and we’ll get them humming (groan).
    246532 M 3/1 1-3pm ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews  
    Hey, Siri! - 1 class
    You probably know Siri as the voice assistant that runs on your Apple device. It can do things for you, like open applications, schedule meetings, look up sports scores, and play music. But Siri also watches what you do in the background and offers suggestions, such as apps you may want to open or directions to your next calendar event. Come learn how Siri can make your life just a little bit easier.
    246432 W 3/3 1-3pm ONLINE  Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    Mind Your Health - 1 class                      
    Your iPhone can collect health data about you, including daily footsteps and the flights of stairs you climb. Pair your iPhone with an Apple Watch, and it can perform periodic heart rate measurements. Third-party apps can also track additional data. Your iPhone can also download health records and contain your Medical ID, including emergency contacts. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch, updated to the latest version of their operating system.
    246534 M 3/8 9:30-11:30am ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    "NEW" What's New with the Mac - 1 class                     

    The Mac remains Apple’s most versatile computer and with the release of macOS Big Sur it has a new level of power and beauty. We’ll cover the major changes, including updates to Safari, Maps, and Messages; a refined new design, a revised Notification Center, the new Control Center, and much more. Students must bring their own Macs to this class updated to the latest version of macOS Big Sur.

    246533 W 3/10 9:30-11:30am ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    "NEW" Keeping Track of People - 1 class 
    The Contacts app is probably the most boring app on your Apple device. But in many ways, it’s also the most important. Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is first and foremost a communications device. Think of all the ways you communicate with people (phone calls, email, video calls, texting) and it’s the Contacts app that makes all of this easy. Bring your Apple devices updated to the latest version of their operating system and learn how the Contacts app can enhance the ways you communicate with others.
    246433 Th 3/11 9:30-11:30am ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews 
    You Have Email - 1 class
    Email is one of the internet’s oldest services. In fact, chances are everyone you know has an email address. We’ll cover the basics of using email and then delve into topics such as smart mailboxes; searching, organizing, and sorting your mail; threads; quoting; blocking unwanted mail; and dealing with junk mail. Bring your Apple device updated to the latest version of its operating system.
    246435 M 3/22 9:30-11:30am ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18 Matthews   
    Turning the Page on Calendars - 1 class      
    Have you ever written an appointment on the calendar next to your desk, but not on the calendar hanging on your refrigerator…and then missed the appointment? Does your paper calendar ruffle its pages when it’s time to leave? Or tell you about traffic? An electronic calendar can solve all these problems. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, and we’ll show you how to keep track of all the people, places, and events in your life.
    246531 W 3/24  9:30-11:30am ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews 
    Messages...and More - 1 class
    Apple’s Messages app is one of the many ways to keep in touch with others. It can do much more than just send a text. You can include pictures, videos, handwriting, animated emoji (even one that looks like you!), and more. Bring your Apple device updated to the latest version of their operating system and learn how to spruce up your messages.
    246437 F 3/26  9:30-11:30am  ONLINE Reg $20/Seniors $18  Matthews 
    No School/Winter Holidays:  1/18, 2/12, 2/15, 3/12, Spring Break 3/29-4/2 
    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek