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    Spring & Summer 2024
    Apple Classes
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    Apple Watch 1:01 - 4 classes                      

    Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal device. Besides telling you exactly what time it is, you can also use Apple Watch to make phone calls, measure your heart rate, track a workout, find your way home, remind you to stand up, set a timer, pay for your groceries, and much more. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch updated to iOS 17 and watchOS 10, respectively.  Class dates: 4/22,4/23, 4/29, 4/30

    246347 MT 4/22-4/30 2 -4pm Room 114 Reg $85/Seniors $76.50  Matthews               

    Photos: Take, Organize, Edit, Share - 3 classes   


    Photos and videos contain some of our most precious memories, and you can use your iPhone and Apple's Photos app to organize them, edit them just the way you want, and easily share them with others. We’ll run through all the features of Apple’s Camera app on the iPhone or iPad, then we’ll focus on the Photos app. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system.

    Class Date Change: Friday 6/14, Monday 6/17, Tuesday 6/18

    246382 FMT  6/14-6/18 2pm-4pm    Room 114   Reg $70/Seniors $63 Matthews               

    iPad 101 - 6 classes


    In this six-session class, we’ll cover the basics of using your iPad. The beauty of the iPad is that it can become whatever you need it to be. It can be a book reader, music player, word processor, atlas, television, videocamera, and more. It works with touch, but with many models of iPad you can add a pencil for drawing, a keyboard for extended typing, even a trackpad for cursor control. Bring your iPad (updated to the latest version of iPadOS17) and learn how to get more out of this magical device.

    Class dates: 6/24, 6/25, 6/26,  6/27, 7/1, 7/2



    MTWTh 6/24-7/2 10:30 - 12:30 pm Room 114  Reg $130/Seniors $117 Matthews               
    Learn Pages on the Mac - 3 classes                       

    Pages is Apple’s word processor and it runs on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in a web browser. You can create beautiful documents, including newsletters, flyers, certificates, basic letters, and books. It can even open Word documents and save its own files as Word documents. And did we mention that it’s free? Bring your Mac updated to the latest version of macOS and find out why Pages might be all the word processor you’ll ever need. Class Dates: 6/24, 6/25, 6/26



    MTW 6/24-6/26 2 - 4pm Room 113 Reg $70/Seniors $63 Matthews               
    An Apple a Day!              
    Maps: An Atlas in Your Pocket - 1 class              
    If only Columbus had an iPhone…. Learn how to get turn-by-turn directions, whether you’re walking or driving. Create guides of favorite locations. Look inside shopping malls and airport terminals. Check BART schedules. Take fly-over tours of the world’s largest cities. And get the lay of the land of many locations as if you were driving by it. Bring your Apple device updated to iOS 17              
    246440 Th 4/11 2-4pm  Room 113  Reg $25/Seniors $22.50  Matthews              
    Staying Safe with Apple Products - 1 class                       

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a lie and the truth. This is certainly the case online, where it’s relatively easy for n’er-do-wells to try to trick you into giving up valuable information or grant access to your computer. Bring your Apple devices and join us to learn what you can do to protect your home network, your devices, and yourself.

    246442 F 4/12 1-3pm Room 113 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50  Matthews               
    Remind Me Again - 1 class                       

    Do you have lots of scraps of paper in your wallet, or on your desk, or on post-it notes scattered throughout the house? Can’t find the packing list that you know was in the desk drawer? And who’s got the grocery list? Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system and we’ll show you how Apple’s Reminders app can help eliminate all the flying paper.

    246446 M 4/22 10:30-12:30pm  Room 108 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50  Matthews               
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Turning the Page on Calendars - 1 class              

    Have you ever written an appointment on the calendar next to your desk, but not on the calendar hanging on your refrigerator…and then missed the appointment? Does your paper calendar ruffle its pages when it’s time to leave? Or tell you about traffic? An electronic calendar can solve all these problems. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, and we’ll show you how to keep track of all the people, places, and events in your life.

    246547 M 4/29 10:30-12:30pm  Room 108  Reg $25/Seniors $22.50  Matthews               
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - 1 class              

    At one time or another, music has been a part of every human being’s life. You’ve probably grown up with radio, vinyl 45s, albums, CDs, an iPod, online purchases, and now streaming and subscriptions. It all still boils down to this: What’s the best way to listen to the music we love? Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, and we’ll get them humming (groan).

    246443 Tu 4/30 10:30-12:30pm Room 107 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews                
    Accessibility for Everyone - 1 class                

    All of Apple’s products have accessibility accommodations built into them. If you have difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, or motor skills, you can tweak your iPhone to make it easier for you to use. And there are a few accessibility features that everyone should know about. Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS 17. 

    245447 M 5/13 10:30-12:30pm   Room 108  Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    Keep Your Focus- 1 class                

    Is your iPhone interrupting you too much? Too many notifications? Too many phone calls? Too many bleeps and bloops? We’ll show you how Focus Mode can help you quiet down your iPhone.

    246540 M 5/13 2-4pm Room 113 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews                
    Personalize your iPhone - 1 class                       

    Apple has opened up the iPhone in recent years to add many options to make your iPhone your iPhone. You’ve been able to customize the wallpaper for years, but now you can choose a different look for the lock screen and add helpful widgets to it. We’ll also show you how to tinker with your home screens, adding folders and widgets, and arranging the screens and app icons the way that works best for you. Bring your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS 17.

    246542 Tu 5/28 10:30-12:30pm  Room 107  Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    Read any Good Books Lately? - 1 class                                  

    eBooks are here, and you can read them on almost all of your Apple devices that have a screen. While it’s true that there are times that nothing beats holding a book in your hands, eBooks provide their own set of advantages including highlighting, a built-in dictionary, and easy earching. And if audiobooks are your preference, Apple’s Books app has you covered. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system. 

    246441 Tu 5/28 2-4pm Room 113 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    Jet-Setting with an iPhone - 1 class                            

    You’ve got a trip coming up and your iPhone is a perfect traveling companion. Whether it’s planning the trip, keeping your itinerary organized, building a packing list, finding sights to see, translating languages, or recording memories…the iPhone is an indispensable tool for all this and more. Bring your iPhone updated to the latest version of iOS 17.

    246381 Th 6/27 2-4pm   Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    All About iCloud - 1 class                

    Think of iCloud as the glue that holds all your Apple devices together, syncing information like contacts between all your devices. iCloud also lets you share photos, documents, and calendars with other iCloud users. You can use iCloud to store documents as well as all your photos and videos. And iCloud also includes vital services like Backup and Find My. Bring your Apple devices, updated to the latest version of their operating system, to find out what iCloud can do for you.

    246584 M 7/1 2-4 pm Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    You Have email - 1 class              

    Email is one of the internet’s oldest services. In fact, chances are everyone you know has an email address. We’ll cover the basics of using email and then delve into topics such as smart mailboxes; searching, organizing, and sorting your mail; threads; quoting; blocking unwanted mail; and dealing with junk mail. Bring your Apple device updated to the latest version of its operating system.

    246483 Tu 7/2 2-4pm Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50 Matthews               
     Wallet and Apple Pay - 1 class                    

    Think about all the things you carry in your wallet. Apple has a goal: replace it all with the Wallet app on your iPhone. Whether it’s digging up your AAA card, buying movie tickets, paying for your groceries, or riding BART, you can do it with the Wallet app and Apple Pay. Bring your iPhone and Apple Watch and we’ll help you get set up and ready to go.

    246585 M 7/15 10:30-12:30pm   Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    I H8 Pa$$words - 1 class              

    When we were kids, there were no ATMs. You had to go to a doctor’s office for an appointment. And coins literally were the coin of the realm. Then along came the internet and with it a growing need for ever more security. And you know what that means: Passwords. The idea behind passwords is wonderful. But human beings, unfortunately, aren’t very good at remembering passwords. Now’s your chance to learn about password managers which can simplify your life even as it gets more complex.
    Make sure your Apple devices are updated to the latest versions of their operating system.

    246581 M 7/15 2-4pm Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               


    Problem? Solved! - 1 class              

    Have you hit a roadblock while using your Apple device? Ever wondered how somebody sent you a talking T-Rex via the Messages app? Need a refresher on customizing the appearance of your iPhone screen? And why won’t your email sync properly? Bring your questions, we’ll try to figure out the answers.

    246589 Tu 7/16 10:30-12:30pm     Room 114 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               
    What's a Podcast? - 1 class              

    Do you need something to pass the time? Want something to listen to during a morning walk? Would you prefer to sleep in rather than wake up early to listen to a favorite radio broadcast? If so, then podcasts are for you. Using Apple’s Podcasts app, you’ll learn how to find and listen to great content. And the good news is that vast majority of podcasts are free. Bring your Apple device updated to the latest version of its operating system.

    245483 T 7/16 2-4pm   Room 113 Reg $25/Seniors $22.50   Matthews               



    No School/Spring Holidays: 4/1-4/5

    Summer Holiday: 6/19, 7/4, 7/5 

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