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    Register early for all classes.
    (Then you won't be disappointed if your class is full or canceled.)
    All classes are held at the Del Valle Education Center, 100 Building unless otherwise noted.
    ART - SPRING & SUMMER 2019                                     


    ***Registration for Summer classes starts May 9 @ 8 am ***

    Watercolor - 9 classes                               
    Take the fear out of watercolor. Step-by-step demonstrations, individual help, and critiques are offered each day. Learn essential techniques: color mixing, designing a painting with a variety of subjects. Emphasis is on design elements and the development of individual projects.  Supply list provided at first class.
    067145 M 4/8-6/10 9:30-12:30pm Rm 107 Reg $150/Seniors $135 Strout
    067146 4/8-6/10 12:45-3:45pm   Rm 107 Reg $150/Seniors $135 Strout
    Watercolor Lab - 6 classes                          
    Need time to work on a project this summer?  This time is for you to work on any project and have an experienced instructor and professional artist available to assist you.
     067186 Cancelled  12:45-3:45pm  Rm 107  Reg $100/Seniors $90  TBA 
    Portraits  & More ...  - Spring 8 classes, Summer 6 classes
    Learn the basics of creating an oil portrait by beginning with techniques to increase knowledge of facial features.  Finish with a full portrait in burnt umber and apply color if time allows.  You may work from high-quality photographs (no snapshots Please) approved by the instructor or those provided.  Materials list provided at first class.  Price includes 2 canvas & 1 brush. Some oil experience preferred.
    067442 Th 4/11-5/30 1-4pm Rm 107 Reg $150/Seniors $135 Nicholson
    067482 Th 6/20-8/1 1-4pm Rm 107 Reg $110/Seniors $99 Nicholson
    Mosaic Art Workshop - 8 classes
    There is something for just about everyone in this workshop.  While working at your own pace, on the projects of your choice, experienced mosaic artists explore their craft and find inspiration from others.  The class is monitored by an instructor who provides direction for newbies and support for the experienced.  While most of us work with glass or tile, experiments with new and creative materials and techniques are encouraged.  Open a world of possibilities in mosaics!
    280542  W 4/17-6/5 6-9pm  Rm 108 Reg $120/Seniors $108 Silverman
    Drawing Made Easy - 10 classes                          
    If you can hold a pencil and write or print your name, you CAN learn to draw.  Have you been putting aside the urge to create? Well, NOW is the time! In this class, students will learn very clever and do-able techniques to make drawing easier than you ever imagined. Your own results will amaze you on the very first day. Drawing is the basis of all art. This course will give you the fundamentals: basic shapes, tone, value, perspective. All the skills and confidence you want!  Open to all levels.  Have fun while you learn. Bring 8 x 10 or larger sketchbook and pencils to start. 
    280440   Th 4/11-6/13 9 - 11:30am  Rm 107 Reg $140/Seniors $126 Antkowiak 
    280480 Th 6/20-8/1 9 - 11:30am Rm 107 Reg $80/Seniors $72 Antkowiak 
    Acrylic & Oil Painting -  Spring 10 classes, Summer 6 classes               
    Learn basic skills: how to mix colors, start a painting, and choose the best brushes for each area or subject. We will discuss design and composition and how to fine-tune your work for best results. All levels are welcome, but beginners will get individual attention.           
    280242 4/12-6/14  9am-noon   Rm 107   Reg $170/Seniors $153 Antkowiak 
    280282 F 6/21-8/2 9am-noon Rm 107 Reg $100/Seniors $90 Antkowiak 
    Art Lab -  Fall 10 classes, Summer 6 classes                          
    Need help with a project? Find class time too short? This time is for you to work on any project and have an experienced instructor and professional artist available to assist you. 
    280445  4/12-6/14   12:30-3:30pm   Rm 107 Reg $170/Seniors $153 Antkowiak
    280485 F 6/21-8/2 12:30-3:30pm Rm 107 Reg $100/Seniors $90 Antkowiak
     Wednesday Oil & Acrylic Lab -  Summer 6 classes 
    Need inspiration? Just need time to paint or finish projects? Bring your oil or acrylic painting projects and work in a supportive atmosphere. Constructive critiques by instructor or class if desired.
    280445 W 6/19-7/31 1-4pm Rm 107 Reg $100/Seniors $90 Nicholson

    Spring Holiday: 5/27 no school. Summer Holiday: 7/3 - 7/5 no school.

    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek