• Acalanes Adult Education, ELL Programs
     There is NO FEE for ELL Classes.
    Classes & Testing times are subject to change. 
    Keep checking for updated information.
    Registration for Fall testing sessions starts TBA
    Fall Classes: September 9 through December 12
    Fall No School/Holidays: 10/14, 11/11, 11/25-11/29
    Winter Classes:  January 6 through March 6
    Winter  Holidays: 1/20, 2/14, 2/17
    Spring Classes:  March 17 through May 29
    Spring Holidays: 3/31-4/4 
    New Students:
    In order to attend class, students must first take a placement examination and be assigned to a class. Students can register for a testing/orientation session on our website.  Orientation usually takes about 20 minutes and testing takes about 2 hours. Registration is required. Sorry, no walk-ins.
    Orientation/Testing Dates: TBA


     All testing is done at the: Del Valle Campus, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek.
    Please check in at the main office in the 100 building on your testing day. Testing will begin immediately at the scheduled time, no late entry.
    ELL Location & Classes: 
    Del Valle Education Center,1963 Tice Valley Blvd., Walnut Creek  
    Given the nature of the current world pandemic, some ELL classes will be held in person, some will be held online.  Please check our website for updated information.    
    Days of Instruction: Monday - Thursday
    Morning Session: 9am-Noon- All levels, will be in-person.
    Evening Session: TBA - Intermediate, Advanced
    English Language Learner (ELL) Courses:

    Beginning Literacy: This course is designed to build upon emerging English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at the beginning literacy level. The instruction will include the development of basic literacy skills and communication for everyday living, which will help Guests progress towards their personal, academic, and/or professional goals. Integrated throughout the course will be workplace readiness skills, including critical thinking, diversity awareness, and soft skills. 

    Beginning:  The focus of this class is to develop basic speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English.  This will be accomplished through oral and written exercises, life skills activities, conversation, and the use of multimedia sources, so students gain confidence and acquire skills needed for everyday life in the United States.

    High Beginning:  This course provides practice in everyday conversations about essential life skills through basic lessons in vocabulary, grammar, reading/writing, listening/speaking and pronunciation.  It enables students to acquire functional English communication skills that are required for entry-level jobs and everyday life in the U.S.

    Intermediate:  The focus of this class is instruction in English grammar and reading and are designed for adults who have good speaking skills, but who may need help with reading and writing in English. This course aims to improve students’ English grammar, pronunciation, conversation, life skills, reading and writing, while learning about the culture within the United States.
    Advanced:  This is a non-credit, open-enrollment course that is designed for students who have some advanced English language skills.  This course aims to develop students’ proficiency levels in all four domains of the English language (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in order to efficiently communicate in everyday situations.  It is also meant to support students in the development of critical thinking skills.  The use of technology will also be integrated..
    Beyond Advanced: This enhancement course aims to reinforce students' previously acquired English language proficiency in reading, writing, and listening. This Beyond Advanced English level will allow students to experiment and implement their English skills in real life situations.
    ELL Computer Basics for Life:The ELL Fall Quarter Computer Basics Class is designed to introduce Intermediate Low to Advanced ELL students to computer basics, keyboarding, and Microsoft Word.  By the end of this class, students will know how to identify parts of a computer desktop, create and name folders, add desktop shortcuts, pin programs to the taskbar, identify parts of a Word window, format text, use the CTRL key for shortcuts such as cut, copy, and paste, insert pictures, insert shapes, insert text boxes, and insert tables.   Students will create several end of quarter projects to showcase what they have learned.  Students will  progress towards their personal, academic, and/or professional goals. Integrated throughout the course will be communication skills, writing skills, workplace readiness skills, including critical thinking, diversity awareness, and soft skills.
    ELL Conversation: This class is for Intermediate and Advanced students.  Students will engage in a variety of formal and informal speaking activities such as small or whole group discussions, individual or group presentations, informal debates, among others. The focus will be on speaking fluency as well as using specific grammatical structures, incorporating vocabulary or utilizing the structure of formal presentation.
    Listening, Pronunciation & Speaking: This class is designed to help intermediate and advanced students master the aural/oral skills necessary to navigate daily life at school and work in the US, employing the linguistic features specific to American English—letter/sound correspondence, syllable and sentence stress patterns, intonation—pitch, length, clarity of vowels, voicing, linking, emphasis patterns, thought groups, idiomatic usage, and more.
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