• Adult Secondary Education High School Diploma Program


    Need to earn your high school diploma?  Acalanes Adult Education (AAE) offers a free program (No Fee Policy) designed to assist you with reaching your educational and professional goals.


    AAE awards an Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD) diploma to Guests enrolled in the high school diploma program who successfully complete graduation requirements.  Prior earned credits, which meet the AUHSD requirements, may be included in the completion of units.  Prospective Guests 18 years of age or older and having completed four years of high school without earning a diploma must obtain official transcripts for all academic courses previously completed so that an accurate course enrollment plan may be developed to work towards a high school diploma.


    We can transfer eligible credits earned in other accredited high schools, adult schools, colleges, or technical schools.


    What is the difference between a high school diploma and a high school equivalency exam (GED)?


    Most employers will accept either, but some employers look more favorably on a high school diploma.  A high school diploma shows the time and effort Guests have been committed to attending and completing classes.  Many Guests are actually closer to earning their high school diploma than they think.


    How long will it take me to get my high school diploma?


    • The high school diploma program is self-paced and individualized.
    • For the diploma, it depends on the number of credits you need, how often you attend class, meeting grade standards, and how quickly you complete your work.
    • Guests are encouraged to develop, with the assistance of staff, a timeline based on their weekly schedule to complete required course(s) in an efficient and timely manner.


    How do I get started?

    To enroll in the AAE high school diploma program, prospective Guests must first attend an enrollment meeting with the Director of the Del Valle Education Center and/or Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Del Valle Education Center.  Please email adulted@auhsdschools.org for more information.


    Credit Requirements

    Guests who would like to earn their Acalanes Adult Education high school diploma must earn the following credits:

    Subject Area Credits Required
    English 1 10
    English 2 10
    English 3 10
    English 4 10
    Algebra 1 10
    Mathematics 20
    Physical Science 10
    Biological Science 10
    World History/Geography 10
    US History 10
    US Government 5
    Economics 5
    World Language/Tech Ed 20
    Visual/Performing Arts 10
    Health 5
    Electives 65
    Total 220