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    SPRING 2024
    Registration starts March 6 @ 8am
    Italian: First Year through Advanced classes emphasize communication by laying a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary. Classes also include conversation and culture.  Textbooks may be required.     
    Language classes start in Fall and continue through Spring.   
    A complete year of Language is a, b & c.  "a" is offered in Fall, "b" is offered in Winter, "c" is offered in Spring
    "NEW" Italian For Travelers - 6 classes, No Prerequisite               
    Learn the basic but essential Italian needed to navigate the country before your trip to Italy. I will teach you how to greet someone, ask for directions, how to order food, make a reservation and many other useful tips about life in Italy! Be open and excited to immerse yourself in a different language and culture!  
    234441 T 4/16-45/21 6:00-8:00pm   Reg $110/Seniors $99 Pridre
    Italian 1c - 10 classes, Prerequisite Italian 1b.           
    This communicative Italian course focuses on conversation and aids students with pronunciation and a grasp of basic grammar. Audio and video tools are supplied, and the emphasis is given to listening, speaking, and comprehension of basic, hands-on Italian..
    242147 W 3/20-5/29 1-3 pm Room 106 Reg $180/Seniors $162  Falcone
    Italian 2c - 10 classes, Prerequisite Italian 2b or equivalent.                        
    This class is the continuation of Italian 2b. It will focus on situation-specific conversation practice inspired by travel needs. Language practice will also focus on short stories, videos, and other media, spotlighting Italian culture and history.  
    242446 W 3/20-5/29 9:30-11:30 am  Rm 106 Reg $180/Seniors $162  Falcone
    Italian 3 and Intermediate Conversation - 10 classes, Prerequisite: Italian 2 or equivalent.  

    This class will concentrate on reviewing and learning grammar with particular emphasis on conversation. There will be more than one hour of conversation each lesson and we will learn how to present various subjects of everyday life.

    242846 F

    New 3/29-6/7

    9-11 am Rm 112 Reg $180/Seniors $162 Falconei  

    No School/Spring Holidays:  4/1-4/5, 5/27

    Summer Holiday: 7/4, 7/5

    Del Valle Education Center, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek