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Refund Policy

Refund Policy:  All requests for refunds must be made in writing (email accepted).  Refund of fees will only be given if requested at least 72-hours before the first scheduled class meeting.  There is a $25 service fee for cancellations.  No refunds will be granted after class start date.  A complete refund (no processing fee) will always be made if AAE cancels a class.  Please choose your classes carefully.


Extenuating Circumstances Refund Policy due to Unforeseen Events (i.e. pandemic) and/or Natural Disaster:  Due to the fluid nature of unforeseen events (i.e. pandemic) and/or natural disasters, an extenuating circumstances refund policy may apply for course fee refunds.

  • Class Cancelled:  Automatic refunds (no processing fee) will be processed by AAE if a class is cancelled due to the unforeseen event and/or natural disaster.
  • Class Postponements:  If a class is postponed due to the unforeseen event and/or natural disaster, and you are unable to attend the postponed class as scheduled, a full refund (no processing fee) will be granted provided students notify the AAE office within 72-hours of class postponement announcement.
  • Class Instructional Platform Change:  If the class instructional platform is changed due to the unforeseen event and/or natural disaster (i.e. face-to-face changed to online/distance learning, etc.) and a student has already attended the initial class instruction, but now wishes to cancel the class due to the change of instructional platform, a prorated refund will be issued and a $25 service fee will be applied.