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    Spring & Summer 2021



    Creative Writing   

    What is your muse calling to you? Discover and explore your creative forces through writing. Develop ideas based on life experiences, imagination, research, or a combination. Use writing exercises and readings to add inspiration, develop skills, and open creativity valves. Learn and use a safe critique process in order to freely read your work and receive supportive feedback. Have fun WRITING! 


    065340 W  4/7-5/26   8 Classes  6:30-8:30pm Online Reg $100/Seniors $90  Henderson
    065347 Th   4/8-5/27  8 classes 12:30-3pm Online Reg $130/Seniors $117  Henderson
    065380 W 6/9-7/14, 6 classes 6:30-8:30pm Online Reg $80/Seniors $72  Henderson
    065387 Th 6/10-7/15, 6 classes  12:30-3pm Online Reg $100/Seniors $90  Henderson
     "NEW" Finding Your Voice: Writing as Self Discovery 
    Learning to “hear” voice in a written work is magical; it transforms the relationship we can have with writers of the past as we discover a companion who shares an interest or a friend with a similar sense of humor. In this course, we will enjoy work by writers who have an identifiable “voice.” We’ll also write to explore point-of-view, stream-of consciousness, and the use of persona, among writing techniques. Choose your genre: poetry, memoir, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama. We’ll help you find your voice. 
     205345  Tu 4/13-5/25,   1:30 - 3:30 pm  Online  Reg $60/Seniors $90  Dresser