California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)

  • What is the CHSPE?

    The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is a voluntary exam, which assesses proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  Eligible students who pass the CHSPE are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by the California State Board of Education.  The exam is given in English only.


    How can the CHSPE be used?

    California law requires that the CHSPE Certificate of Proficiency be equivalent to a high school diploma.  A student who receives a CHSPE Certificate of Proficiency may leave high school early, with verified parental approval.  Note, the CHSPE Certificate of Proficiency is not equivalent to completing all coursework required for graduation from high school.  A student who plans to continue their studies in college or university should contact the admissions office of the institution(s) they plan to attend so the student may fully understand the institution's admissions requirements including whether or not the CHSPE Certificate of Proficiency will be sufficient for admission.


    Who may take the CHSPE?

    A student may take the CHSPE only if they meet one or more of the following requirements on the date of testing:

    • They are at least 16 years old; or,
    • They have been enrolled in the tenth grade for one academic year or longer; or,
    • They will complete one academic year of enrollment in the tenth grade at the end of the semester during which the CHSPE regular administration (i.e. Spring or Fall) will be conducted.


    How do I learn more about CHSPE?

    To learn more about the CHSPE, please visit the CHSPE website.