• The Del Valle Theater is located at the Del Valle Education Center, Acalanes Union High School District (AUHSD).


    The Del Valle Theater has a seating capacity of 378 seats, including 8 ADA locations with and without seats.  There are 88 seats left of stage, 202 seats center stage, and 88 seats right of stage.



    The AUHSD has defined the following group classifications for rental:


    Group I: Acalanes Union High School District and school-sponsored groups, clubs, and student body organizations; School-connected organizations (Parent Clubs, Foundations, Boosters, PTA, District Employee Associations, etc.).


    Group II: Departments or agencies of local municipal governments; Community Organizations, clubs, and associations with non-profit status 501(c)(3) (documentation is required at time of Application).


    Group III: Commercial groups, businesses, and religious organizations.


    The priority for use of District facilities will be as follows: Group I, followed by Group II, followed by Group III.


    For information regarding rental of the theater:


    Please refer to the Acalanes Union High School District Facility Rental Handbook for detailed information pertaining to rentals.  This handbook will guide you through the process of obtaining the facilities use permit and meeting all requirements.


    Anyone who uses AUHSD facilities or grounds outside of the regular school day must obtain a facility use permit by comleting the Facility Rental Permit Application and pay all applicable fees.