• Application Workshop: Naviance

     Log in with your District ID and password (try your AHS “200” number).

     Go to Colleges tab.

     1. Click “view all upcoming college visits” and sign up for those that interest you.

     2. Click “Colleges I’m applying to” in the left margin.

         — Sign FERPA waiver; select “yes” and the square box; click submit.

    ·           Click “Add colleges.”

    ·           Click “lookup” on the right.

    ·          Add schools from the College Picker menu or by typing the school in “Search” box.

    ·          When you are done, click “add schools.”

     3. Transcripts:

         Above your list of schools, click “request transcripts.”

    ·          Click on each school that requires transcripts; UC’s and CSU’s do not require a transcript
    with the application.

    ·          You will print your transcript request page and bring it with your fee of $5.00 per transcript
    to the registrar, Mrs. Finn.

    4. Letters:
        — On the “Colleges I’m applying to” page scroll to “Teacher Recommendations.”

    ·          Click “add/cancel requests.”

    ·          Select teachers and counselors from the drop down list.

     5. Scholarships:

         — On the left side margin see “Scholarships & Money.”

    ·          Click on “Scholarship List.”

     6. Other:

         — Above your list, click “Compare Me” to see how you measure up with other AHS grads.

    ·          On the left margin, you have college search options.

    ·          On your college list, click “Unknown;” select Common App as a “Yes.”

    Click on About me tab.

            Click on “About me.”

    ·          Complete the Student Statement and Resume for your Counselor letter.

    ·       Parent must submit the Parent Statement either on Naviance or by e-mail.