• How to download an unofficial transcript:

    ~Students log in to their Aeries portal with their auhsd email and network password. They can select "Grades" then "Transcripts".

    ~This version of their transcript looks different from an official transcript but the information is the same.  

    ~There is not a "print"or "download" icon in Aeries PASS, so students just do a Control or Command+P on their keyboard to access the transcript.

    ~This is useful for car insurance discounts, filling out college applications and applying for scholarships.


    How to send an Official Transcript:

    Ordering transcripts is a two-step process:

    1) Log in to Naviance

    1. Click the “Colleges” tab
    2. On the left-hand side of the screen, under the heading RESOURCES, click “Transcripts”
    3. Click “Request transcripts for my college applications”
    4. Check the box next to each school that requires a transcript
    5. Click the “Request Transcripts” button at the bottom of the page

    2)  Log in to the Acalanes Web Store

    ~Pay for your transcripts on the AHS web store ($5 per school).

    ~Please indicate the names of the colleges receiving the transcripts in the comments section of your web order.  VERY IMPORTANT!

    ~The AHS Registrar, Emily Finn, will receive an email copy of your web store receipt, which initiates the actual sending of your transcripts.

    ~Please contact Ms. Finn if you have questions (efinn@auhsdschools.org).

    ~Mrs. Finn, our registrar, is in charge of all official transcripts.  She will not send transcripts until she receives your proof of payment.

    Important tips:

    • The CSU and UC schools do not require official transcripts.
    • Double-check with each out of state and private school to which you are applying to see if they require official transcripts.  If they say "self report", you only send a transcript out at the end of the year to the school you are attending.
    • FINAL TRANSCRIPTS are sent out when the "Senior Exit Survey" and "Graduation Survey" are complete in Naviance.
    • ***mid-year and final transcripts are FREE.
    • ***transcripts for scholarships are FREE.