• High School Transcript



    How to download an unofficial transcript:

    ~Students log in to their Aeries portal with their auhsd email and network password. They can select "Grades" then "Transcripts".

    ~This version of their transcript looks different from an official transcript but the information is the same.  

    ~There is not a "print"or "download" icon in Aeries PASS, so students just do a Control or Command+P on their keyboard to access the transcript.

    ~This is useful for car insurance discounts, filling out college applications, and applying for scholarships.


    How to send an Official Transcript:

    Ordering transcripts is an easy process:

    1) Log in to Naviance:

    1. Click the “Colleges” tab
    2. Under the heading APPLY TO COLLEGE, click “Manage Transcripts”
    3. Click “Request transcripts for my college applications”
    4. Check the box next to each school that requires a transcript
    5. Click the “Request Transcripts” button at the bottom of the page

    Your counselor, in coordination with Emily Finn, the AHS Registrar, is in charge of all official transcripts.

    ~Please contact Ms. Finn if you have questions (efinn@auhsdschools.org).

    Important tips:

    • The CSU and UC schools do not require official transcripts.
    • Double-check with each out of state and private school to which you are applying to see if they require official transcripts.  If they say "self report", you only send a transcript out at the end of the year to the school you are attending.


    • FINAL TRANSCRIPTS are sent out when the "Senior Exit Survey" and "Graduation Survey" are completed in Naviance.
    • All transcripts are free while you are a current Acalanes student.