Checklist: Finalizing Your Applications

  • Final Application Checklist


    Staying organized is one of the most important facets of the college application process.  Be sure to check (and double-check) that you have taken all the necessary steps before and after hitting the submit button.


    Make sure you have ordered all supplemental documents:

    • If applicable, request Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from teachers through Naviance
    • Make sure LOR have been submitted on your Common App. Remember: CSUs and UCs do NOT require LOR
    • Check each school’s website for their policy regarding official transcripts. Reminder: CSUs and UCs do NOT require official transcripts
    • Order official transcript on the AHS webstore
    • Order official transcripts from any other locations where classes were taken and request they be sent to all colleges that require official transcripts for acceptance
    • If applicable, order and send official test scores through either the College Board (SAT) or ACT websites


    Before You Hit SUBMIT:

    • Proofread your entire application
    • Reread all application instructions
      • Double-check what supporting documents are required for each college
      • Confirm that all necessary supporting documents have been sent
    • Check to make sure your courses and grades have been inputted correctly and your 12th-grade courses are listed
    • Double-check your essays
      • Read your essays aloud to make sure they flow smoothly
      • Proofread for any spelling and grammatical errors
      • Ask someone to proofread it for you


    Once You Hit Submit:

    • Look for a Submission Page to confirm your application was sent properly
    • Keep a copy for your records
    • Print a copy or take a picture of your submission page in case there are any issues
    • Follow directions to create portals for each college you apply to and regularly check for updates. Colleges will communicate with you via your portal and inform you of any missing or incomplete information
    • If something is missing, follow the college’s directions and send it ASAP