• Letter of Recommendation
    To request a letter of recommendation:
    • Make sure your “Colleges I’m Applying to” list is up to date in Naviance with appropriate application deadlines (i.e. Early Action, Regular Decision) indicated
    • Complete your resume, student statement and parent statement
    • Talk to your counselor and teacher in person
      • Clarify with your teacher about what information is needed. Some may want you to complete a form in Naviance while others may have their own form they want you to fill out.
    • Invite your teacher on Naviance on the Letter of Recommendation screen
    • Indicate which school(s) you want your teacher to send the letter(s) to
    • Request your transcript 
    A few additional points:
    • Students can submit applications prior to the counselor/teacher completing their letters of recommendation.
    • Students can check the status of their letters on Naviance and on the Common App.
    • Don’t forget to write a personal thank you note to your teacher and counselor.