Volunteer Service

    The College & Career Center encourages students to engage in sustained, meaningful community service. To that end, please consider our list of local volunteer opportunities to find a cause that speaks to you.


    Volunteer Virtually- Check out these fun ideas to be involved from home!


    Volunteer Service Awards

    Acalanes provides two opportunities to recognize students for their service to our community and others. The awards include:


    Acalanes Volunteer Service Award

    This award is given to all students who perform a certain number of community service hours. (See application for details)


    President’s Volunteer Service Award                       
    The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a highly coveted award that recognizes the contributions of students who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over the course of a 12-month period. Recognition starts at 50 hours for students under 16 years and at 100 hours for students 16 years and older.


    Service Award Applications

    To earn either award, students have two options:


    1. Fill out a 2021-2022 Acalanes & Presidents Volunteer Service Form for each service activity. Students may start using the 2021-22 Verification Forms now and collect needed signatures for completed work. 



    Students will scan and send the form electronically to communityservice@acalanesparentsclub.com when completed.