Volunteer Service


    The College & Career Center encourages students to engage in sustained, meaningful community service. To that end, please consider our list of local volunteer opportunities to find a cause that speaks to you.


    Volunteer Virtually- Check out these fun ideas to be involved from home!


    Volunteer Service Awards

    Acalanes provides two opportunities to recognize students for their service to our community and others. The awards include:


    Acalanes Volunteer Service Award

    This award is given to all students who perform a certain number of community service hours. (See application for details)


    President’s Volunteer Service Award                       
    The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a highly coveted award that recognizes the contributions of students who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and civic participation over the course of a 12-month period. Recognition starts at 50 hours for students under 16 years and at 100 hours for students 16 years and older.


    Service Award Applications

    To earn either award, students have two options:


    1. Fill out a 2020-2021 Acalanes & Presidents Volunteer Service Form for each service activity. Students may start using the 2020-21 Verification Forms now and collect needed signatures for completed work.  Students will scan and send the form electronically to communityservice@acalanesparentsclub.com when completed.

    2. Email volunteerservice@acalanesparentsclub.com for more details.  Applications are due in the spring.



    JOIN AN ADVOCACY GROUP  GENup is a student-led, student-run advocacy organization primarily striving for youth representation in key policy efforts through the power of youth voices in the California education system. We are a diverse group of student activists, organizations, and clubs that have united to advocate for student concerns. GENup strives to unite diverse student communities into a “Generation Upward” movement that pushes for tangible legislative change in education.
    GENup envisions inclusivity, cohesive organization, a California that is mindful of student concerns, and state-wide student advocacy. In order to achieve youth-leadership in California education reform - GENup envisions a CA network as follows: a statewide web of GENup chapters covering all school districts that work closely with their student school board members to push for tangible education policy change through a combination of community organizing, youth activism, and policy campaigns. The GENup chapter serves to organize the community around the policy or campaign while the student board member serves to be the policy leader of the effort - this allows actionable results by exerting pressure on two fronts: garnering community support around policy authored and advocated for by students.
    GENup Mt. Diablo-Acalanes is a chapter of GENup that oversees MDUSD and AUHSD. Joining the chapter is a great way for you to become civically engaged within your community and make a difference!
    Our Executive Board consists of 13 available Executive Positions including:
    -Director of Fundraising
    -Director of Operations
    -Directors of Organizing (2)
    -Political Director
    -Director of Student Board Member Relations
    -Communications Director
    - Director Student Affairs (5)
    To apply to the chapter, please fill out this form by May 31st: https://forms.gle/zxYYN5cnCk78qHUU9
    We greatly appreciate your help, 


    GENUP Mt.Diablo-Acalanes
    Building The Power of Youth Voices