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    Volunteer Service Awards

    Volunteer Service is a great way to give back to the community and gain unique experiences. Service awards honor students whose community service positively impacts others and communities.  


    Award Timeline and Categories

    There are two awards that recognize students for outstanding community service over a 12-month time period (or the award calendar year). Students may receive one award per year and which award they receive depends on their total volunteer hours. Awards are presented to students in May of each year during a lunchtime event.


    The current award calendar year is April 20, 2024 - April 18, 2025.  The awards include:


    1. Acalanes High School Community Service Award is given to students who perform 30+ hours of qualifying service during the award calendar year.  

    2. President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a national award recognizing students who perform 50+ hours of qualifying service (if under 16 years) or 100+ hours of qualifying service (if 16 and older) during the award calendar year. For more information on award levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) go to the PVSA website.  Acalanes is a PVSA certifying organization.

    3. Excellence in Community Service. NEW this year.  Students who have earned a minimum of 300 hours of service over the course of 4 years or who have earned the PVSA for 3 years will be eligible for the Excellence in Community Service recognition. Students will receive an honor cord to be worn at graduation, commemorating their extraordinary commitment to community service throughout high school.


    Award Overview and Guidelines

    Please read the Award Guidelines prior to submitting their volunteer hours for validation.  Not all volunteer or unpaid service counts as community service for the award. If you’re still not sure after reviewing the guidelines, please email us.


    Application Instructions

    AHS uses a volunteer tracking app called Helper Helper.  Hours must be entered on Helper Helper to qualify for an award.  Read these instructions to learn more.  All qualifying volunteer hours entered and validated in Helper Helper by April 18, 2025 will be automatically applied towards an award. No application submissions are needed.

    For any questions related to the awards or Helper Helper, please contact Julia Ackley and Rianne Rocca at communityservice@acalanesparentsclub.com. We are happy to help!