College Application Checklist


    College Application Checklist

    Building a College List

    • Create a list of colleges and universities that interest you. Attend college rep visits at your school and attend college fairs. Visit their websites. Look at their mission statement and their values to see if they align with your beliefs. Do research on their outcomes and student profiles to get a “feel” for each school. Take their virtual tours, and, if you are able, visit the college/university in person. If finances make it difficult to make a college visit, contact your college admissions counselor to see if a travel voucher is available.

    • You want to consider having about 10 schools on your list.

    • Think about having 2  Reach Schools, 3-5 Target Schools and 4-5 Likely Schools



    • Make sure the email address you are using is “professional” - something like - surferdude@gmail.com is not ideal

    • It is a good time to email schools you are thinking about applying to. You can introduce yourself and ask if there will be a rep coming to your school or to the area in the fall. The local reps from each school are a great resource; ask them questions



    • Parent Statement 

    • Student Statement 

    • Resume - Keep it updated

    • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) -  if needed, ask in person 1st and give, at least one month notice

    • Login to Naviance and navigate to the Letter of Recommendation section under the Colleges tab 

    • Using the drop-down menu, select your teacher, then click the schools you would like a LOR sent. Click request.

    • Complete a teacher brag sheet (or resume), if needed, to help the teacher write your LOR.

    • Go to the About Me tab, click Surveys From Your School, click Student 

    • Move the Colleges you are thinking about to Colleges I’m Applying to under the Colleges Tab

    • You will use Naviance to request Transcripts

    • Don’t wait until the last minute; you want your transcripts to arrive before the deadline - you can have them sent before your application

    • Sign Up for College Visits in the College and Career Center


    Common App

    • Gather the following items before officially starting your application: a copy of your current high school transcript, list of extracurricular activities 

    • Waive your FERPA rights and then match your Common App account under Naviance


    How to Match Naviance with Common App

    • Log onto your Naviance account

    • Click on Colleges I’m apply to

    • Click on Match Accounts

    • Enter your Common App email address and click on Match Accounts

    That’s it. You’ve connected your Naviance and Common App Accounts.



    • You can log onto the Common App, UC App, CSU App or school’s own applications

    • You will need to gather information for apps

    • Social Security Number

    • Transcript - you can get one on Aeries or request one from the Counseling Office at your high school

    • Parent Information (when they came to CA for the CSU App)

    • Where they attended college (if more than one, you need all)

    • When they graduated 

    • What degrees earned

    • Counselor’s name, email and phone number


    Essays and Supplemental Writing - keep working on the essays and supplemental writing, answer the prompts, and PROOFREAD!

    • Submit before the deadline 

    • Make your choice - for some, this is the hardest part. Review your acceptance and financial aid packages, the notes from your college visits or online research, look at www.collegescorecard.ed.gov, and choose.