Career Talks 2019 - Career Talks (formerly known as Career Day) begin in March. Guest speakers will come to present to our students. These will be held during Academy and students can sign up in TeachMore (search for the Career Visits Tab)

    March 15

    Architect/Design/Construction GAP Inc - Katie Powers - Collab Center

    Entrepreneur/Fashion - Sarah Cusumano - Room 408

    Firefighter - Damon Pellegrini - C&CC

    Police Officer, SWAT, K-9 - Officer Chris Bruce - PE Classroom


    March 22

    Veterinarian - Dr. Miller - Room 401

    Government Service/Former FBI Agent - Babak Broumand - Room 314

    Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality - Danielle Burnstein - Collab Center

    Music Industry/Concert Promoter - Eric Barleen - C&CC

    Airline Pilot - Tom Constable - Room 9


    April 12

    US Military and ROTC - Multiple Branches - Room 207

    Lauren Masi - Physical Therapist - C&CC

    Lisa Schrieber - What your parents never told you about tech careers - Collab Center


    April 19

    Professional Rock Climber/Manager - Hans Florine - Collab Center

    Clout Software/Industrial & Operational Engineering - Barbara Lanier - C&CC

    Liz Lee - Surgical Nurse - Room 407


    C and CC


    The College and Career Center (C&CC) is an informational resource for the following:

    Colleges and Universities
    • College-related guides and selection information
    • Local, national and international summer and gap-year programs
    • Financial aid and scholarships
    • Testing information
    • Career information
    • Job Listings
    The center hosts College Rep (admissions represenatives from various colleges) visits for seniors (and some juniors) in the Fall. Other on-campus events include College Information Night, Financial Aid Seminar, Parent Education Nights, and Career Day.
    Located in the Main Office next to Counseling
    STAFF: Kristin Kisner •  (925) 280-3975 
    CEEB Code: 051-315