Four Year Naviance Plan

  • Naviance/Family Connection is a web-based tool designed for students to help make decisions about colleges and careers.  Students use it to research college and career options, and it also provides up-to-date information that is specific to MHS. Naviance allows us to share information with parents and students about upcoming college visits, scholarships, news, and events, as well as other web resources for college and career information.


    Freshman Year - What can I be? - Career Exploration                                                        

    • PE classes visit the College&Career Center for an introduction to the resources of the Center and a Naviance overview in December.
    • Freshmen complete the Career Interest Profiler and explore careers based on both personality and career interest profiles.
    • Students have the opportunity to begin to build a resume highlighting their involvement at MHS or within the community.


    Sophomore Year Who Am I? - Personal Discovery                                                                                                 

    • Sophomores are reintroduced to Naviance in the spring, where they have the opportunity to complete a Myers-Briggs based assessment, “Do What You Are,” a personality profile that offers career suggestions suited to your personality type.
    • Students explore a variety of careers, as well as college options with majors in their career areas of interest.
    • Sophomores are encouraged to continue to develop their resume by entering activities such as community service, athletics, leadership, jobs, and awards.


    Junior Year - Where can I go? - Research                                  

    • Juniors participate in a college planning presentation in the spring hosted by the College and Career Center and the Counseling Team.
    • Students research and begin to build a list of colleges under ‘Colleges I’m thinking about’ for two and/or four-year colleges.
    • Students are encouraged to identify teachers who may write their letters of recommendation, as needed, in the fall.
    • Presentation for parents of rising Seniors to review the college application process is held in the Spring.


    Senior Year - How do I get there? - Synthesis                       

    • Seniors review the college application process and how to utilize Naviance for applications in August.
    • Complete Letter of Recommendation checklist and invite teachers formally to write letters of recommendation.
    • Update list of colleges and move to “Colleges I’m applying to” list.
    • Request transcripts to be sent to colleges, NCAA, & scholarships, when required, utilizing the transcript feature.
    • Sign up for college rep visits.
    • Apply for scholarships and financial aid. Scholarships can be found under the Colleges tab/scholarships.
    • Complete applications and update admission status information.
    • Complete Graduation Survey in May.