Weekly Communications

  • Staying informed is a critical piece of post-secondary planning. It reduces stress and helps ensure nothing is forgotten. Each week from August - December, students and parents in the senior class receive weekly emails from the College & Career Center. They include timelines, upcoming events, and other essential information. Please see the historical list of the emails sent.


  • NOVEMBER 5 - 11

    Dear Seniors and Families-


    Congratulations on hitting the first major application deadline last week. We loved celebrating with you! 


    As Thanksgiving break approaches, so are the deadlines for the UCs and CSUs. If you would like us to look at your PIQs, be sure to submit them by this Thursday, November 9th, for guaranteed review. 


    The College & Career team will be off the week of Thanksgiving and will not be checking emails. While the UC and CSU deadline is four days after we return from break, try and submit your applications by Thanksgiving. So, take advantage of the three-day weekend ahead. It is a good time to dig in.


    We are hosting one last CSU Application Workshop tomorrow during Academy. This is a great time to complete your Cal State Application.


    We are getting to the homestretch, so let us know how we can help. You got this!



    • Timeline & Checklist

    • Important Dates

    • SRAR

    • Quarter Grades

    • Upcoming Academy Sessions

    • Reminders


    TIMELINE | November 5 - 11

    Check out our newest checklist



    • November 1 | ED & EA Deadline for most colleges

    • November 12 | Last day to submit final drafts for PIQs

    • November 28 | Last day to submit initial drafts for Regular Decision

    • November 30 | UC and CSU deadlines (11:59 p.m.)

    • December 15 | Last day to submit final drafts for Regular Decision



    Some colleges require the Self-Reporting Academic Record (SRAR) as part of their application.  Be sure to check your portals to see if you need to complete it. Your application is not ready for review until you do.



    Occasionally colleges will ask for quarter grades when you apply ED and EA. This will be communicated to you via email, your application portal, or both. Although we are a semester high school, if you are asked to submit quarter grades, please reach out to your counselor. 



    November 6 | Cal State Application

    November 8 | Open Academy 



    Closed for Thanksgiving Break

    You will not have access to the College & Career Center or your counselors over Thanksgiving Break. Additionally, many of the college admission offices are not open.  


    Check your application portals

    Each college you apply to will have a separate portal. This is the most accurate way to know if your application is complete, and it is the place where colleges will communicate your admission decision. Be sure to check them regularly.


    Pay attention to the details

    Before you submit your application, be sure you (and someone else) have done a thorough read-through of your application.



    Mrs. Brady - all things college and career-related (Monday - Friday)

    Mrs. Freeborn - all things college and career-related (Tuesday - Friday)

    Mrs. Taylor - essay & scholarship help (Tuesday - Thursday)